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Writers' Collaborative Learning Center

Writers' Collaborative Learning Center



About Us

The Writers’ CLC is a collaborative community of diverse artists dedicated to developing writing skills and creative connections. Our community prioritizes open communication, where individuals learn from each other and participate enthusiastically in a supportive writing environment.

We're built on four pillars: in-person and virtual experiences, digital content, research, and community.

We offer a wide variety of experiences, including courses, workshops, author meet-and-greet events, and even masterclasses. Our approach focuses on collaborative learning, with our Course Leads acting as facilitators rather than lecturers; this keeps our classes student-centered and ensures that our participants master concepts and skills on an individual basis, meeting the goals which they set for themselves, and which continue to develop over the span of the course.

Beyond simply offering educational content, we hope to share the work of our writers themselves! With your permission, what you produce both during and outside of your courses with us can be featured on our website for others to enjoy or be inspired by! The WCLC website also includes video-recordings of various course-sessions and live experiences, as well as worksheets, writing-prompts, and other useful materials for supporting your creative practice.

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